Fasting is the safe and natural way to rapidly burn fat and heal your body. 

When you fast with Dragon's Blends, the supplement act as a catalyst, helping you unlock your stored energy (fat) while protecting your muscles. What's more, your body enters a deep regenerative and detoxification process that is so powerful many report recovering from disease, ailments, skin conditions and even cancer. 

If you're in need of deep healing, try a long restorative fast with Dragon's Blends.

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  • Only 25 cents per serving!

    Dragon's Fire is the most affordable organic fasting supplement on the market.

  • Drink more, save more, feel better!

    Replacing one of your daily drinks ($3+) with Dragon's Fire would save you over $1000 per year!

  • Each container makes 365+, 8oz. servings!

    The best investment you will make this year!

  • Made from clean & pure ingredients

    Each blend has 5-7 essential ingredients, without filler or unnecessary junk.

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Dragon.Sexy fasting supplements

Four blends to choose from

All blends: improve fat burning, brain function, mood, digestion, energy, healthy cholesterol levels, reduced food cravings,

FIRE [Cayenne Pepper]: boosts immunity, enhances blood circulation, prevents cancer, reduces inflammation & arthritis

COAL [Activated Charcoal]: detoxification, anti-aging, teeth whitening, water filtration, neutralize poison, deodorizing, kidney function, gas & bloating