The Origin of Dragon’s Fire

The Origin of Dragon’s Fire

I wanted to go on a long fast, but I was concerned about the side effects of not having electrolytes and minerals in my water. I started looking online and reading the ingredient lists and they all had crap added to them… so I decided to make my own! The drink was actually quite enjoyable and exceeded my expectations when it came to helping me stay energized while also avoiding the early food cravings that cause so many of us to end our fast before the benefits start kicking in. This became my long term drink of choice, even when I wasn’t fasting I would carry around a bottle of Dragon's Fire. It has everything I need and while taking it I noticed some other unexpected improvements.

For example, I suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) for almost 20 years. It didn’t even have a name until 2011. Cannabis is the best known treatment for it, but it is not a cure. I am not sure if it was fasting or Dragon’s Fire, but I am symptom free and enjoy relaxed sleep!

I later added activated charcoal to my morning routine which eliminates the detox effects many experience during a fast which helps with the adsorption of toxins, -cides, and other junk our body would feel better without. With this combination, I realized that fasting is something I really want to share with my friends. The healing benefits are incredible and I’m curious to see what others will discover.

I feel inspired to participate in group fasts/coaching to support any/everyone interested in living a healthier lifestyle. Please reach out to me if you would like support in organizing a group fast. It can be profitable and everyone will benefit. 


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