Welcome Coaches

Welcome to the Multi-Level Coaching Affiliate Program (MLCAP)

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Getting started in UpPromote 


When you login you should see something very similar to what’s below.


    A. Program Details
    • This section tells you the name of the current program you are in. 
    • As you get sales, this will be upgraded given you more bonuses. 
    • There are also quarterly products available that will literally LevelUp your commission levels so you can get greater bonuses from your downline’s success! 

    B. Affiliate Link
    • This link will ensure that you will get credit for sales commission of new customers automatically. You can share this link on social media, websites, texts, etc. 

    C. Coupon Code
    • Sharing your coupon code will override affiliate links, giving your client a 10% discount and crediting you with the sale. 

    D. Network Link
    • Share this link with Health coaches, Influencers and natural salespeople. This is how you grow your team/network. 
    • The technical term for people who join your network is “downline” and you are their “upline” or coach. You will earn a commission based on their success, in exchange, you are expected to coach and support them when they need it! Their success greatly influences your success. This is a path to unlimited passive income, but it does require effort upfront. 
    • Be consistent and supportive. Help your friends, family and clients transform their lives with these products and they will be customers for life.