Salt is NOT salt?! Clearing up the confusion.

Summary: Salt vs Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt

When chemistry/food science replaced nutrition, we got a lot unhealthier as a species. Since the early 1900's, industry as been labeling lab foods the same way natural foods were labeled on the ingredient list of our food labels, even though they are processed very differently by our bodies. One example of this is "Salt". When it comes to good health, we need natural salts in our diet, such as sea salt or natural rock salts. Table salt is a petroleum industry waste product that is toxic to  living organisms (humans), but it looks and tastes like salt...

When chemistry "experts" took over our health policy, things got confusing. Technically the definition of a salt is: "the compounds containing positive and negative ions are known as salts. Salts are obtained by mixing an acid with a base." So suddenly, acidic and basic waste products could be mixed together to create salt and sold to food manufactures as a cheap alternative to natural salts without the public being the wiser. Overall, "food science" has been devastating for public health and great for big business. 

When reading product ingredients, SALT is bad! Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt or Pink Salt are generally good (for now, we’ll see what misinformation groups do in the future). Salt is a manufactured waste product from the petroleum industry that is toxic and causes many adverse health side-effects. Natural salts like Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt are essential for optimum health and are needed in much higher quantities (5g-7g of natural salts) than that which the FDA recommends (2-3g of toxic table salt). Understand that technically, the FDA does not recommend natural salts, they have a maximum recommendation for SALT, which is in most all processed foods and your favorite restaurants. Consuming “too much salt” is bad for you and why doctors are trained to tell most of their patients to consume less of the toxic chemical concoction, while reassuring them that "moderation is okay."If you hink about it, almost every limit the FDA has on a label is for a toxic counterpart; processed sugar, processed fats/oils, carbs from grains... Their belief is that in moderation and diversity, a wide spectrum of toxic and addictive chemicals are okay... the result... an incredibly unhealthy population.

What would happen if you eliminated all toxic chemicals from your diet and start consuming healthy, natural minerals instead?

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Salt is Essential for Health and Vitality

Every cell in our body needs salt. We rely on salt to maintain proper bone density, circulation and to stabilize blood sugar levels. Salt is a beautiful and necessary mineral found all over the world, from the far reaches of the Himalayan rock mountains to the depths of the ocean floor. So how can something so essential and natural become so toxic to our health? Let’s take a moment to understand the misconceptions, misinformation and dangers of salt. 

Salt vs. Naturally Occurring Sodium

“Table Salt” or “salt” (as found on product ingredient labels) could technically be considered a waste product comparable to fluoride, that is marketed as good for us and subsidized by many governments, but is in fact a poison. “Table Salt” is a manufactured form of sodium called sodium chloride. “Salt” merely mimics the taste of naturally occurring rock, crystal or sea salt. 

“Salt” is created by taking natural salt (or crude oil flake leftovers) and cooking it at 1200℉. Once heated to this temperature it starts to lose the majority of the eighty-plus naturally occurring elements that we need for good health. 

Other naturally occurring forms of sodium (sea salts and himalayan salts) are harvested and dried in the sun. These are alkaline minerals that help keep us hydrated, balance our sodium-potassium rations, as well as fill the body with beneficial electrolytes. These natural salts also contain all of the trace elements needed for proper immune, thyroid and adrenal function (which sadly, are completely stripped out of table salt). Natural forms of salt also boost the creation of digestive enzymes and juices that allow us to assimilate and extract other vitamins and nutrients from the food we eat. 

What is in Table Salt? 

Commonly available table salts have synthetic chemicals added to them, including everything from manufactured forms of sodium solo-co-alumidate, iodide, sodium bicarbonate, fluoride, anti-caking agents, toxic amounts of potassium iodide and aluminum derivatives. This may come as a shock, but most salt is not only unhealthy, it is actually toxic and can lead to many health problems. 

The natural form of iodine is destroyed during the manufacturing process and without it, the thyroid is severely harmed, leading to growth and metabolism issues. To remedy this, the chemical-based salt industry began to add synthetic forms of iodine to their salt. 

What else is added to table salt you might ask? Many salts add things such as processed white sugar and toxic MSG (mono-sodium-glutamate). Why is table salt white while most naturally occurring salts are not white? Bleach… Yes, table salt is colored white with bleach. One of the most common sources of salt is the flaky residue from oil digging, crude oil extract is one way table salt is produced! 

The side-effects of Salt

Why does table salt cause a rise in blood pressure? When you ingest table salt, your body views it as a toxic element and the blood is attempting to rapidly move it away from the heart! This is why the medical establishment tell patients with high blood pressure to reduce their salt intake (but why don’t doctors ever tell their patients to eliminate it and take the healthy and necessary alternative???). Whats more, salt causes us to retain water and other fluids, contributing to and partially causing many chronic imbalances such as diabetes, gout and obesity. 

Salt is in everything you shouldn’t be eating! Most packaged and processed foods contain toxic salt, often used as a preservative. Imagine that, salt is so toxic it preserves food because bacteria cannot grow in its presence. The preservatives in processed foods can cause inflammation to the kidneys, thyroid and liver, as well as the development of goiters, as edema, hypertension, heart disease, strained elimination systems, muscle cramps, water retention, stroke, heart failure, PMS, and even major nervous system disorders such as anxiety and depression. (Pro Tip, eliminating salt and switching to Dragons Fire + Coal will quickly allow your body to start recovering from these conditions). 

Salt is especially hard on the circulatory, nervous and lymphatic system. Table salt is highly addictive, as your body becomes used to the high levels of fake sodium you will crave it more… notice how salt is found in all your favorite junk food snacks… 

Now you know, avoid “Salt” like the poison it is and replace it with a healthy, clean and natural formulation like those offered here. 

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