The Vision behind Dragon Sexy is to create a decentralized and distributed network of teams (3-12 practitioners/coaches) whose primary focus is to heal trauma and dis-ease in their communities. Their secondary focus is to tackle other challenges that they see necessary to solve in accordance with our values; Health, Well-being, Fulfillment and Abundance for all.

Team members can expect to give 4-20 client coaching-sessions per week, building long lasting and deep relationships with the community they are supporting.

We believe that clearing humanities trauma is the fastest path towards healing the planet and as that path is cleared, we will be ready to take on new challenges and opportunities.

  • We see a future of regenerative communities full of humans following their purpose and discovering new ways of living thought to be impossible due to outdated beliefs about “human nature”. 
  • We see a future where people have open hearts and are generous with their time and resources. 
  • We see a future where humans are living in abundance and are no longer afflicted with scarcity mindset. 
  • We see a future where humans come from curiosity instead of fear, love instead of hate, compassion instead of judgment…