Multi-Level Coaching

Get on the fast(ing) train as 2023 looks to be the most transformative year in human history. Food shortages, pandemics, economic crisis and more... a healthy, fasting focused lifestyle can solve it all. We need coaches to position themselves NOW so they can support the billions of people in need.

  • Fasting is an alternative to eating and will alleviate food shortages
  • Fasting cures many health problems
  • Fasting saves money so those who cannot afford to eat can instead fast and get healthy while local food is grown...

The result of whatever crisis 2023 has in store for us will be a healthy, powerful, empowered and sexy society.

We are the average of our 5 closest friends.

The type of health & wellness coaching we all really need, and the type that works best, comes from those closest to us.

Personally, I have 3 filters for potential friends. If you want to be in my inner circle, you must be

  1. Improving: on the journey of personal development. We know it's about the journey and not a destination.
  2. Inspiring: you contribute to the world or a cause that is greater than yourself.
  3. Integrity: you take responsibility for everything that happens in your life. You do what you said you were going to do when you said you were going to do it. If thing change, you immediately take responsibility and let people know.

We need to determine which of our fiends are best to keep in our lives and which ones we need to trim away. Toxic friends are as bad as toxic food are for your health. Be kind and let them know your decision instead of simply blocking them. If they need to be blocked afterwords, so be it. I have had some people later thank me for telling them what no one else would and it changed their lives and we are now friends. As you will often hear me say, be kind, not nice.

Dragon.Sexy is a completely transformative, healthy lifestyle program that will improve all areas of your life if you take the challenge seriously.

The Dragon.Sexy model is a holistic solution that sustainably scales to the entire world, rapidly changing humanities direction. All that is required of you is to be a good friend to your 5 closest friends and support them in making the same changes with their friends and family.

As motivation for being a transformative friend/coach, we have setup an affiliate program to reward you for making the world a better place. All you need to do is support 5 of your friends, see them for who they are on the inside and be here for them when they want to quit. Help each of them create an identical support group with 5 of their closest friends/family members and so on. If done exactly as described, Dragon.Sexy will pay you $43,800 per year in affiliate fees, and each of your friends will also receive the same, $43,800 bonus for following this simple formula! All for committing to a healthy fasting lifestyle and being a good friend.


Mindset is everything when it comes to fasting. Your body is an addict. People who say, listen to your body are not sane. When someone is in rehab, you don't have the staff asking the patient what they need. They would tell you DRUGS! Well, today, food as been weaponized as incredibly addictive and harmful. We cannot trust our bodies to be honest with us, not at first at least. Once they are purified of the junk, THEN we can start listening to our bodies, and you will be surprised what a sober body has to say. You will likely fast longer than you planned once you can hear what your sober body telling you.

Creating a healthy lifestyle with your friends and family

    Below are a few examples of things you can add to your daily routine to replace some less healthy things (TV, News, Social Media, Snack time, Breakfast or Dinner, etc.)
    • Creating a healthy lifestyle with friends
    • Morning/Evening hikes
    • Alternatives to eating
    • Grocery shopping together to double-check what we put into our baskets

    Setting up for success

    Successful fasts require a lot of planning and support. The best thing one can do is to create a community fast, so everyone is on the same page.

    You call your friends and family, telling them what you're doing and why. Invite them to do it with you. If they refuse, offer them the food in your house, if they accept, help them prepare to fast with you.

    What do you receive?

    • Health and motivational coaching from Dragon
    • An affiliate link earning you 4 levels of commissions 15% of sales, 50% bonus of your downline(level 1) commission, 50% bonus of downlines (level 2) commission, 10% bonus of downline (level 3) comission. Teams can earn 31.5% of sales generated.
    • Receive support in setting up your fasting tribe. Together we ca do much more than we can alone. Your tribe will hold you accountable and support you when you need it, and you will be there for them as well. Eating and fasting together are the best ways to build community.

    Getting started

    • If possible, get a physical and share the results on social media. Weight, BMI, %body fat, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Levels, various diagnosis, etc.
    • Share your intention on social media
    • Choose a pose that you will use for every picture
    • Choose a method to keep honest track of what you are doing and how you are feeling, so others can learn from you.

    Motivation, Incentives and Bonuses!

    Transformational videos are rare and frequently go viral. People love seeing positive change. Getting 10 million + views for a transformational video is not uncommon. Imagine if 0.1 of your viewers were so touched by your transformation that they clicked your affiliate link and started a fast with Dragon.Sexy.

    10,000,000 (viewers) x 0.1% x $100 (1 month fasting powder) x 15% (affiliate fee) = $150,000. With your support as their upline coach, they could adopt a healthy fasting lifestyle, and you will see your monthly income continue to rise.

    Life changing benefits that last for life! Every affiliate you sign up will earn you a commission for life! Changing your lifestyle for life pays well. As long as you are an active affiliate, supporting your network, your network will keep working for you.

    This is a possible bonus, incentive and reward for being inspirational and transformative. The world wants to see average people rise up to greatness because it reminds them that they are powerful and capable as well. We need people who are ready to transform their lives and are bold enough to share their process with the world. Are you ready to be Dragon Sexy?

    Special Coaching Program

    Those who know they want to be coaching will receive extra assistance along the way and their transformational video will be posted on Dragon.Sexy. People may choose you as their coach and they will be setup as your downline. You will earn commissions from them as well and so will be motivated to have them be as successful as possible.

    We're transforming the world, get on the Dragon.Sexy train!